Hi, I'm in Ukraine and we're in the middle of a terrible war.

Hi! I am in Ukraine, we have a terrible war going on and I am asking for your help with tears in my eyes. I have had more grief. I am a mother of two children and our house was destroyed by Russian missiles, everything we had gained was burned. We lost our homes, we have nowhere to live. We are hiding in basements from bombing and praying to stay alive, we eat what we can. We have only what we are wearing. I am asking for help. I would never ask, but I am in a desperate situation. My children are freezing, there is nothing to eat and nowhere to live. If there is any way – I would be grateful for any financial support. Paypal: ziexfb@gmail.com Bitcoin wallet: bc1qkztrc2c853xa3qgua3p9k3h7v37rvdsmh0hjut When transferring please write at least the word help and your name. Thank you for your help and understanding, God give you health and peace in your home!

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